Professional Medical IT-Solutions  

Online Anamnesis - a unique solution for medical practices in the age of digital medicine 

The objective of ProMedIT is to bring a pioneering innovative product to the European health care market that truly improves the quality of diagnosis and medical treatment. Our solution is a small contribution to prevent exorbitant expenditures in the health service. Online Anamnesis will be offered for medical specialists and practitioners as Software as a Service, accurately and affordably. It is an excellent contribution towards digital and networked medicine and can help to save millions of Euros in healthcare costs. Doctors, patients, health insurances and public budgets will benefit.

Potential customers of our system could be about 1.7 million practicing physicians in the EU. Most important part and truly unique is that the medical history of the patient can be entered - at patient’s home - where all medical data of patients are available, e.g. medications, diagnoses, hospital stays. All medical data can be transmitted securely in the doctor's office. It is completely platform independent, secured and specifically prepared for patients and medical specialists. The realization of complete data acquisition with maximum availability and free processing times is a promising product development.

The ProMedIT delivers new dimensions in the data preparation within a transnational professional medical care. Efficiency and effectiveness, process improvements and economic savings are the best conditions for a successful market launch throughout Europe. This technology is unique and indispensable in the age of digital medicine.